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Fire in the Snow

Fire in the Snow

David Brainerd was a missionary to the Indians in the 1700's. He was Jonathan Edwards' son in law. He only lived to be 29 years old but did much for the kingdom of God in a few short years. He prayed with fervency and with passion. This same fervency in prayer is so needed today.

The Indian warriors were going to kill him one day but saw him on his knees praying. The warriors said they saw a rattlesnake squirm up to him and flick his tongue next to his face but then, for no apparent reason, slither into the darkness. One of the warriors who intended to kill him said, "The paleface is a praying man and the Great Spirit is with him."

His fervor for the Indians' salvation was so great that when He finished, heat from his body had melted all of the snow within two feet of him. John Wesley said, "Let every preacher read carefully the life of David Brainerd."

In the woods burned a flame

A man prayed with urgency

He sought God earnestly

David Brainerd was his name

He took prayer to the next level

To the Spirit he had open ears

He did so much in a few years

He put fear in every devil

He prayed with passion in the snow

He long ago counted the cost

Over that ice there was a glow

Jesus saw his heart's desire

Through prayer he won the lost

In those woods burned a fire

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