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Fireflies In Cambodia

A 19 year old girl named Khun Paot escaped the Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia after a challenging journey with 100 others through miles of jungles, canals, mountains and rivers. Standing between them and freedom were communist soldiers and a stretch of jungle ground covered with thorns. Many of the escapees were barefoot

A thick darkness hindered the struggling group as it crossed a valley between two high mountain ranges. Paot said, We didn't even know where to step." Suddenly, hundreds of fireflies swarmed into view. Their glow made enough light for the people to see the path. In the dark land of Cambodia Where evil took on all shapes If you wanted to taste freedom You had to be willing to escape A group of one hundred Chose to take that expedition In spite of the hardship They continued on their mission Through the high mountains Through jungles and canals They kept pressing on further Trying to booster their morale Through the deep rivers Into danger they were led A jungle floor covered with thorns With communist soldiers ahead They pressed on barefoot Pursuing the border quick But they couldn't see anything The darkness was so thick Suddenly God helped them To their sudden surprise Their dark path was lit up By hundreds of fireflies The fireflies guided them They kept them on the path Protected from harm's way And from the communist's wrath Khun Paot knew God helped She would then boldly say In my darkest hour Jesus led me all the way

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