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Flies in the Ointment

Ecclesiastes 10:1- Dead flies putrefy the perfumer's ointment. 

An ointment of dead flies

It can be disappointing

Just a little compromise

It will spoil the anointing

A gospel that is diluted 

Dead things in the midst

The message is polluted

These dead flies exist

In Ecclesiastes 

Chapter 10 verse 1

These flies bring disease

Corruption has begun

Like Samson of old

He ate from the carcass

His walk became cold

As he walked in darkness

Dead flies will defile

They can mar great men

The pure becomes vile

They will come to an end

We have to be avoiding 

This contamination

It ruins our anointing

To this lost generation

When we allow in sin 

We give that vine a root

It takes over from within

It then chokes our fruit

Dead flies land in the oil

They defile the water

Before they land and spoil 

Just use a fly swatter

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