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Flint, Michigan

There is a Michigan city 

It's name is Flint

But in going there to visit 

I will not sprint

I will not take my friends 

I will not take my daughter 

Herein lies the problem

You cannot drink the water 

Flint has a lot of problems

It is really such a pity

In America Flint wins 

For most dangerous city 

My grandparents lived there

I'd see them in the 80's

But now the city of Flint

Resembles the nation of Haiti 🇭🇹 

I've even heard people say

Residents should drink gasoline 

I was a little confused 

Wondering what did they mean

As I thought about this

I wondered where it was headed

They said drink gas over water

Because at least gas is unleaded

Then I saw 9 out of 10 doctors 

Said drink water instead of soda

But the one doctor lived in Flint

He suggested drinking Coca Cola 

With writing about Flint 

That's about all I got 

But one thing I know about Flint

It's not my go to vacation spot

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