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Fool's Gold

Look into today's modern church

And observe what the members hold

If you take a diligent search

You may discover some fool's gold

Let us dig a little deeper

Than on the surface it appears

Can you observe what is cheaper?

As the authentic disappears

It looks like gold from a distance

But if prodded will it just break?

To the fire is there resistance?

Will it only crumble and flake?

People desire the appearance

But many reject the fire

Faith yet lacking perseverance

Surface saints who won't go higher

Worshippers will get excited

Congregations will be amused

In fool's gold some have delighted

Yet the gospel has been abused

Do you see fake from the real?

Can you discern counterfeit gold?

The fire will soon reveal

The genuine we must behold

Phony gold dispersed in the church

Fool's gold scattered across our land

For the real gold will you search

Or will it crumble in your hand?

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