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Frog in the Boiling Pot

(From the frog's point of view)

with the help of my daughter Katelyn

Stay at home It helps a lot So I jump in The cold water pot

And while in the pot Can you wear a mask? It helps you know Not much we ask

The water got warmer But doing what I should We're all in this together For the greater good

Starting now to sweat Do I have a fever? Is this the virus? Am I a believer?

Now stay in the water As the lid covers the pot I do not question it The greater good I've sought

As the lid clangs down My freedom is lost Not questioning the hand Comes at a great cost

Darkness surrounds me Confined and restricted Getting hard to breathe Feeling more constricted

What is this I see? As the bubbles surround Now I am sweating Water all around

Now in a rolling boil Freedom croaked in this pot It may be too late for me But for you it's not

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1 Comment

Jan 27, 2022

Wow, great job you two! This is spot on!

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