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Gate D2

In the Minneapolis airport at Gate D2

All I could smell was someones stinky shoes

I don't know where that awful smell came from

But the whole gate area smelled like a bum

I sniffed around a suspicious group of men

But I could not find where that stench began

I had to go and stand over at gate D4 Two gates over I didn't smell that anymore

My daughter sprayed perfume upon her nose

But I still was smelling someone's stinky toes

Her perfume smelled nice like a flower But it still smelled like someone needed a shower

I don't want to be rude. I don't want to be mean

But if you go the airport, have some hygiene

Finally I took a walk to get out of there I bought some $7 peanuts I could share

I got back to D2 ready to fill up my guts

But the agent then announced we can't eat nuts

Someone had an allergy so we could not eat But I was sneaky about it and tried to be discreet

I reached into my bag and acted out a yawn Soon those $7 peanuts were surprisingly gone

I still smelled that stench of someone's stinky shoes And well thats my adventure at Gate D2

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