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Gay, Michigan

I'm sure people are saying

Society is getting gayer

This gives me a headache

Please hand me some Bayer

We have lost our morals 

I don't know what to say

There's even a place in Michigan

The town is called Gay

This small mining town

Established in 1898

One of the Gay founders

Thought the name Gay would be great

I know it is strange

Kind of a mind bender

I wonder if this town of Gay

Is next to the town of Transgender?

Lots of different flavors

Just ask Ben and Jerry's 

But will there soon be a town

With the name of Non-binary?

Do they use different pronouns 

Like zir, zes and zee?

I'm starting to wonder

How gay can Gay be?

Gay Michigan 

You can drive there in your car

But if I were you 

I would avoid the Gay bar

I know in today's world 

It's not a perfect utopia

But if you don't visit Gay

Do you have homophobia?

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