• Edward Riederich

Get Off the Ground!

On 9/28/18 Captain Icoze Mafella, pilot of Batik airlines, was moved by the Holy Spirit to leave three minutes early from the Palu airport, also called the valley of death. The air traffic controller gave him the okay to leave early. As they rocketed down the runway an earthquake hit but were able to get airborne. Even the control tower collapsed and was destroyed. Captain Mafella said if he had taken off three minutes later no one would have survived because the landing strip was moving like a curtain in the wind.

"Whatever happens we must be calm, not in a panic, so that we can clearly hear the voice of God coming to us by the Holy Spirit." -Captain Icoze Mafella

One pilot heard a sound

A crucial word he had found

He heard, "Get off the ground!"

Urgently "Get off the ground!"

Quickly quickly moving faster

He heard the words from his master

Soon there was coming disaster

Quickly quickly moving faster

Today there must be no delay

He heard the word God did say

Departing early to the runway

During the taxi he did pray

As they rolled things did shake

A 7.5 massive earthquake

But in his spirit he was awake

In this time God did not forsake

Though they swayed left and right

Soon they lifted and took flight

He walked by faith and not by sight

And all on board were alright

This humble pilot who tuned his ear

One man who choose to hear

He choose faith over any fear

And God heard him and drew near

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