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Give me Liberty

Give me liberty or give me death! I will fight to the last breath! But something changed in this liberty cry I realized I really did not want to die

Give me liberty but let someone else fight Let someone else preserve my liberty right I will root them on and give them my support Give me liberty while I hide in my fort

Thoughts entered, is freedom outdated? Has liberty become truly overrated? Give me liberty but don't hold your breath I want liberty but I don't want death

Give me liberty but I want security more I lay all my rights down on the floor I will take false peace over my liberty I'm tired of all this negativity

Ok my liberty is now for sale What was wrong with Nathan Hale? Forget liberty, just give me peace From this struggle I need released

So I sold my liberty and all was lost Not realizing liberty came at a cost I traded my liberty for security Choosing to be silent and live in obscurity

Goodbye liberty, men came and took Now only remembered in history books Liberty's plan has gone askew Left with no liberty, only a statue

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