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Glock A Doodle Doo

On 11/8/22, TSA found a handgun concealed in raw chicken at an airport in South Florida. 

It sounds like TSA found a Glock

In a chicken that cannot say "Bock"

It is strange this guy hid a gun in that place

Maybe he considered that chicken a concealed case

Did the raw chicken have a TSA approved lock?

If so, would it be approved to store a Glock?

An agent saw that chicken was a little weighty

Before that guy boarded his flight to Haiti

I hope that raw chicken was wrapped with a towel

If not this whole story sounds a little fowl

Well he did not make it to the Haiti border

But he did find out the true pecking order 

I am assuming that chicken got a pat down

On those pat downs TSA can sure go to town

I have had a few pat downs by their demands

I just stand there with a fake grin and lift up my hands

They take me behind plexi glass for privacy

But somehow I think everyone can still see

I comply with their pat down as suggested

But if the guy wasn't an agent he would be arrested

To hide a shotgun you might need a raw deer

But to try this out I'm not going to volunteer

Would you put a 357 Magnum in a raw sloth?

If so I recommend covering it with a cloth

Now in the courts this guy will have to convince 

Why he was carrying on a gun to Port-Au- Prince

It probably was not the brightest decision

Especially to put that gun in raw chicken 

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