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Gorilla Glue Warfare

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

There was a woman who used Gorilla Glue She put it in her hair like it was shampoo Now she has a very different do With that different do she thinks to sue How can she sue Gorilla Glue?

She didn't use any old super glue She used a glue with a Gorilla looking at you So she got stuck with the sticky goo Stuck in her hair and making her blue But how can she sue Gorilla Glue?

I could not believe this story was true This stuck lady really doesn't have a clue But in a sue happy world I'm guessing she'll sue Maybe she should learn to sew and not sue How can she sue Gorilla Glue?

I dont know much about Gorilla Glue I think I've used some on my shoe Should have never had to because my shoes were new But I probably should give them a good review But how can she sue Gorilla Glue?

Now she had surgery to get out the glue I heard she's doing well and will pull through So the moral of the story if we must pursue Well it's don't use Gorilla Glue as shampoo And then don't be stupid and think you can sue

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