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Green Eggs and Ham Scam

Green Eggs and Ham Scam

Can I read green eggs and ham?

Soon not according to Uncle Sam

Sam I am why can't I read Green Eggs and Ham? Is this a scam? Is it banned? Sham I am Green eggs and banned? Sam I am What if I change it to Green Eggs and Spam? Sam I am All I want is to read Green Eggs and Ham to my fam Come on Uncle Sam! Can't you just scram? I don't need the glitz and glam I just want my Green Eggs and Ham! Have you people smoked green weed and ham? Have you smoked it with Sam I am? I will not smoke green weed and ham I will not smoke it with Sam I am I will not smoke it in my yard Though these books you discard Soon you won't read it here or there Soon you won't read it anywhere You won't read it in your house You won't read it with your spouse Not in a box and it won't be on Fox Can we turn back the clocks? Not the Cat in the Hat Hold on! What is up with that? What was that Uncle Sam? Oh Sam I am I can read green eggs and ham! But not the other books that bring dirty looks Only half from Dr. Seuss I won't ask about Mother Goose Shame on Sam I am Sam I am Sham I am Shame on Uncle Sam I don't understand This green eggs and ham scam

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1 Comment

Jan 04, 2022

Love it! I’m still laughing! Sam needs to scram!! 😆🤣

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