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Grub Hub Extraordinaire

Grub Hub Extraordinaire 

A Michigan 6 year old used his dad's credit card to order $1000 in food but at least on each order he tipped 25%  🤣

There was a curious 6 year old

He got on Grub Hub

He ordered a lot of food

More than just one sub

He spent over $1000 

On his dad's credit card 

The food was piling up 

On the porch and in the yard

He did not hold back ordering 

On calories he did not skimp

This hungry 6 year old 

Had a craving for jumbo shrimp

He spent $500 on pizza 

At a pizza place named "Happys"

But when his dad found out 

I'm sure he was a little snappy 

I'm sure he's a good little boy

And had no bad intent

Because he tipped every order

A generous 25%

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