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Happy Meal Messages

In church today what is the deal? 

I am hungry for something real

I'm tired of what is fake 

I'm used to eating steak

Now I'm handed a Happy Meal 

The preachers have become puppets

Where are the anointed among us?

A few crumbs I receive 

Still hungry when I leave

I'm just handed a box of nuggets

Yes I hear a bunch of begging 

Not much of it is a blessing 

A message on mercy

Yet I still leave thirsty

I find it pretty upsetting

A new series, a new strategy 

With more than enough flattery

They continue the game

Yet there still is no flame

A dead spiritual battery

Do Happy Meals people enjoy? 

Does anyone start to get annoyed?

A Happy Meal with milk

Sermons are soft as silk

But yay the meal comes with a toy

I munch on my fries that I take

Don't convince me I'm eating steak

People want more I think

As I hold my sugary drink

Time for the church to be awake

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