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He Will Give His Angels Charge

He Will Give His Angels Charge

(In 1967, the true story of the Israeli soldier who was protected by angels from the Syrians during the 6 Day War. Syrian soldiers reported to UN officials they had seen thousands of angels surrounding this injured soldier and had, therefore fled.)

A miracle in the 6 day war

Fighting in the Golan Heights

The Syrians saw some sights

They had never seen before

Ambushed and run over by a tank

A soldier lay paralyzed

Surrounded and terrified

But he had God to thank

Suddenly he saw a light

The Syrians turned and ran

Angels surrounded this man

Thousands dressed in white

Can we learn from this soldier?

When God can seem withdrawn

But He shows up when hope is gone

He is our future holder

Our faith we must enlarge

Your calling is not done

Hold on to Psalm 91

He will give His angels charge

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