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Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Engines stall and wings sway This nation doesn't feel right today

In our country we begin to dive Losing altitude, will we arrive?

Sweat drops from my brow What is happening in the cockpit now?

Diving then climbing and diving again Something more than a contrary wind

Is the first officer and pilot on hand? Passengers around me don't understand

Some in our nation continue to sleep Ignorant we are in a dive so steep

Do I make believe everything is fine? Look out the window and pass the time

Cockpit normally is secure and locked Now wide open and I'm not shocked

Suddenly two men enter with an evil grin No resistance to go walk right in

The pilot is no longer at the controls Who is in charge of all the souls?

An announcement in this plane jam packed This is your captain speaking, we have been hijacked

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