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Conquering Kilmanjaro

In 2015 Anne Lorimor became the oldest person to ever hike Mt. Kilmanjaro. At 89 years old, she made it to the top of the "Roof of Africa" at 19,341 feet. 

In Africa on Mt Kilmanjaro 

Hiked an 89 year old grandmother 

She did not put it off til tomorrow 

Compared to others she was tougher 

2015 was that record year 

That is when she appeared on the stage 

With dedication she would persevere 

She made no excuses for her age

She more than conquered the African roof 

Though she hiked on with pain in her sides

An inspiration and a living proof 

She amazed all of her porter guides

And if you have mountains you can't ignore 

Just remember Great Grandma Lorimor

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