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Holly Molly Cooperstill

There once was a girl who lived on a hill

Her name was Holly Molly Cooperstill

She pursued her dreams which she did fulfill

She bought her dream house on the hill

Now there once was a man who had no skill

His name was Phil Willy Carbonille

He lived on welfare and liked to chill

Even though they were hiring at the Mill

Phil dwelt in his valley and all was still

Until he saw Holly Molly up the hill

In his dark valley thought good ole Phil

Holly should be helping to pay my bill

Holly Molly worked hard to make it on the hill

But Phil Willy thought she should support him still

But see Holly Molly owes nothing to Phil

He can enjoy his valley while she gets her fill

The valley dwellers will always want to kill

The dreams of the go getters on the hill

Phil's lazy desire must be treated as nil

He's owed nothing from Ms. Cooperstill

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