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Holy Cow!

In response to the news that they are now potty training cows to help save the environment

(Cow poem #2-no poem intended) Holy Cow! Have they gone insane? They are training cows to potty train I sat down and wrote this in my journal Cows are starting to use a urinal I never knew cows could use the facilities They must have cognitive capabilities Where will all the cows drop their feces? In the fields will they have bathroom teepees? I'm so grateful for this save the earth mission Saving our lives from these cow emissions Can they also train birds near and far? Then maybe they won't poop on my car Look with climate change I won't get in the middle But maybe they could stop feeding cows skittles Maybe it would cut down on the times they go If they will only quit eating the rainbow Get rid of the skittles and go back to grass Then maybe we won't have the greenhouse gas Look I'm no scientist so don't get grouchy But I do think I can help more than Dr. Fauci

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