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How Bout' Them Apples?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Take a trip with me to Washington state Let's compare apples to apples Governor Inslee didn't do so great Delivering honey crisps to the chapel

Bridgeport, by a town named Twisp Residents homes were burned The governor gifted some honey crisps Inslee seemed so concerned

Gracious bags of apples with bugs Picked from his home orchard Might as well have given a bag of slugs To the poor people he almost tortured

Apples cut open and checked Panic in the nursing home search Gifted apples he came back to collect Running to find apples in the church

A day trip to the disaster zone Here comes Inslee for his photo shoot Hand picked apples he had grown With bags of his fresh maggot fruit

Camera flashes for the politician Pretending to be concerned Posing in his mission After Bridgeport was burned

Pose and smile. Pose and wave It's what politicians do Share it on your Facebook page Political posers are nothing new

Blame it on climate change Push your political agenda So many think it's strange Arsonists think its splendid

Wearing your mask so proud From apple maggot quarantine Have to be seen by the crowd Protecting us from Covid-19

A wolf in a sheep's mask Traveling with his liberal pack Submitting to all they ask Making freedom his attack

Next photo shoot if you could Bring your apple cutter I heard apple maggot larvae is good If you mix it with peanut butter

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