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How Now Brown Cow

On February 1st, a brown cow smashed the windshield of a Tesla after a collision in Pleasanton, CA. 

In a place called Pleasanton

It was not so pleasant

A Tesla had a nasty crash

With something bigger than a pheasant

As the Tesla driver drove

An object would appear

The driver thought he could swerve

But he steered into a steer

It was a big brown cow 

This cow did not mooove

Suddenly on his windshield

Were four cow hooves

Yes it was a brown cow

But the driver wasn't racist

This cow just wanted freedom

This cow was an escapist

I wonder about chocolate milk

Does it come from a brown cow?

If so then how much chocolate 

Does each brown cow allow?

This poor cow tried to get away

But they called the police

They finally caught that cow

But it was only catch and release

If you visit Pleasanton

Watch out for objects that are large 

And if you drive a Tesla 

You might get more than one charge 

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