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Hygiene, Colorado

I would move to Colorado

That is where I would go

I would move to Hygiene

If I had B.O.

I have had former employees 

They weren't a good fit

Because they had an aroma

Straight from their armpits

I would roll down the windows

When they rode in my truck 

But their stench remained inside

I was truly out of luck 

I wanted to spray them down 

Outside at a water spigot

Or send them off to Hygiene

With a one way ticket 

In the town of Hygiene

I'm sure it smells like a flower

I'm sure it is required 

That you must bathe or shower 

I have a dream of a paradise 

Where no single person smells

The problem though is some people

Just cannot smell themselves 

That's why Hygiene, Colorado 

It would be a great pick 

For the stinky and the foul

To go find some Speed Stick

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