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I'm not Flying Delta

(Regarding the Delta Variant)

I heard there's a new variant

Probably some new guidelines

But one thing I'm sure

I'm not flying Delta Airlines

At the busy airports

I will try to be patient

But I'm not going near

That Delta ticket agent

Nope that Delta ticket agent With her carry on tags She's not coming near My $35 checked bag

If someone asks me

If I have a Delta connection

Get away from me

Its for my protection

I won't fly to Memphis Land of the Delta Blues

I won't get that variant

I won't get that flu

At the airport this summer

I will try to be cautious

I won't wash my hands

In any Delta faucet

You can say I'm overreacting

You can say it's just a name

But I'm avoiding at all costs

The Delta baggage claim

Book on me United Or book me on Southwest But don't book me on Delta I think that would be best

You can even book me on Spirit

With no available first class

But for Delta and their variant

I think I will just pass

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