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I Smell a Skunk

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I smell a skunk but I don't see a skunk. Dr. Seuss and him are thrown in the trunk. Are these people drunk?

I don't have Pepe Le Pew in my view, what else is new? Cancel Culture it's what they do

Before they change more names without any shame sending them up in flames. I'm curious, will they ban violent video games?

Before they ban more stuff today and tell us what we can say. But yet we can still play the raunchy music of today?

Before they ban more biographies or photography or change names in geography, I'm curious will they ban pornography?

Since they are banning can vulgar rap be next? When I hear it my soul is vexed. How many F words are in their text? All they talk about is violence and sex

Next they will ban Tom and Jerry because it's too scary or ban the Muppets because they are harry or the cable guy because his name is Larry

Or it could be Bugs Bunny banned by some dummy. Or maybe bears that are gummy. This isn't even funny

Maybe they will ban the Flintstones or no parking zones. How about they ban predatory loans or the tons of "scam likely" calls I get on my phone?

Yeah I smell a skunk and their hypocrisy has stunk. In their "righteous" stand they flunk and our freedom has shrunk

They banned a skunk but we've been sprayed, we've been played and their imaginary borders have been made

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