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I Spy with My Little Eye

I spy with my little eye a Chinese spy with some congressman guy A Chinese spy, I spy, not with a swell guy but a Swalwell guy

Now that little foolish guy wants to complain and say it's all lies He says people have lied but I think he has lied with that Chinese spy

I think the whole nation has spied with their little eyes that Chinese spy who compromised that guy

His story I really don't buy when he tries to deny The media doesn't spy with their little eye about the spy The media just lies and that's no surprise that they turn a blind little eye towards the spy

When they turn a blind eye and I only can sigh That Chinese spy I guess she's shy because she doesn't admit or deny

Isn't it unwise that we have spies getting too close to our upstanding congressman guys? Now I tried to see with my little eye on Wikipedia about Swalwell and that spy. But my little eye did not spy about that spy

I guess he said goodbye to that spy and now is back to being a "family guy" Yup back to his holy matrimony giving us all a bunch of bologna So I spy with my little eye a stained congressman living a lie

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