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"I' Will Build My Church

Matthew 16:18- "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Who will build His church?

Who is the "i"?

Is the "I" Jesus

Or just another guy?

Is it man's agenda 

To the Spirit are we numb?

Are we more concerned 

About a church building fund?

Is the "I" the pope

Or some dead saint?

Tell me what it is 

And not what it aint

With collecting offerings 

You can hear the pleading 

But one thing hard to find

Is the church prayer meeting 

I will build my church 

Do we hear His Word?

Man's wisdom has spoken

That's most of what we've heard

God's will in God's way

No gimmicks to sell

That is the only thing

That will shake the gates of hell

Jesus will build His church 

Though man will try and fail

And then the gates of hell

Surely will not prevail 

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