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Imalone, Wisconsin

About this little township I don't know it all

But it was founded by some unique guy named Snowball

Snowball Anderson had called it his home

But when he was there he happened to be all alone

He got asked to name this town and make his choice

But he wrote down "I'm alone" on a blank invoice 

So the town Imalone name was here to stay

That town name remains to this very day 

If I founded the place and they gave me the name quiz

I would probably name the place "It is what it is"

Or maybe I would name it "Me, myself and I"

With no people in that town you can figure out why

There would be no workout gym in that town of one

So I would have to do a You Tube workout or I'd have to go run 

There would be no Taco Bell or Panda Express

And no one to play ping pong with or even some chess

If I ran the place and had my say

I would start an annual Imalone 5k

And each year after finishing I would have a big grin

Because each and every year I would always win 

I feel bad for Snowball as he sat alone each day

Nobody really knew if he was straight or if he was gay

Snowball made the most of the hand he was dealt

But the snowflakes of today they would probably melt

Where did the man's name of Snowball begin?

My guess is because it snows up in cold Wisconsin 

I never want to live there when I get old 

I'd rather live in Florida where it's not that cold

Now what happened to Snowball I just don't know

Maybe he changed his name to Jose down in Mexico

But I do feel bad for Snowball the man 

Especially if he was a cheese head Packers fan

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