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Indian Burn

Here in the middle of an Indian summer

More words offend and it gets dumber

100 years of the "Indian" name

And now all of sudden it brings shame

Cleveland's new name is the "Guardians" I'm guessing the decision was bipartisan Yes the Guardians of the MLB Guardians who will probably take a knee

I guess the name brought so much grief I'm curious now what about the Chiefs?

Really, what names should we save?

No one is offended by the Atlanta Braves?

To other names we don't say goodbye

Look at the Illinois Fighting Illini

And what if Illinois plays Florida State

That Indian tribe name war would bring some hate

What about a Cowboys name battle?

I think their name offends some cattle

Look I'm not trying to expose or tattle

But will they change the name of Seattle?

Tell me why haven't people gotten cranky

And banned the New York Yankees?

What if the name "Angels" causes people to flip out?

Because believing in angels they have doubt

Look I'm not trying to throw some rocks

But I'm offended by the name Red Sox

What if red socks were worn by an Indian chief?

What if hearing that name brings his tribe grief?

What if some are offended by the Rams?

Maybe we should change it to the Lambs

Or they could change it to the Ewe's

These names are getting harder to choose

Coming forward are another 40 whiners

Soon to be offended by the 49ers

It seems our society does not learn We are suffering from an Indian burn

So people listen to every demander

We now live in the Republic of Pander

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