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Inflation Nation

President Biden signs $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act bill into law.

Welcome to Inflation Nation

I wish it was all my imagination

Getting ready for some more taxation

We're told the American people won

Yet inflation has only just begun

It sounds like our nation might be done

We're told that special interests lost

As they speak and blow out their exhaust

Covering up veiled lies at any cost

Look again at low they've stooped

Our kids future will not be recouped

The naive once again have been duped

We are told this bill will deliver results

Those who oppose him he insults

They condemn but can't see their faults

We are told the bill is about tomorrow

From each other we may have to borrow

As we are led into the days of sorrow

They rejoice now in their declaration

Stealing from the next generation

So life goes on in inflation nation

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