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It Takes a Choice

It takes a choice to form a habit 

It takes a habit to form a rut

It takes a choice to get out of it

It takes a step to walk into quicksand 

It takes a decision to remain in it

It takes grabbing the rope to get out of it

It takes apathy to freeze progress

It takes progress to thaw apathy

It takes willpower to make change

It takes complacency to accept status quo

It takes fear to be stuck in a trench

It takes initiative to get out of it 

It takes words to form a mindset 

It takes a mindset to fall into a trap

It takes words to get you out of it 

It takes belief to accomplish destiny 

It takes steps to produce purpose

It takes positivity to produce the positive 

It takes distractions to cause you to fall into a ditch

It takes pain to wake you up

It takes a friend to pull you out of it 

It takes lack of discipline to stay still

It takes action to produce motion

It takes motion to create the future 

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