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Jamaica Mon

I want to go to Jamaica mon

Instead I have to mow my lawn

But if somehow I could be gone

I would travel to Jamaica mon

I want to go see the ocean sun

But gas is way too much mon

Now I sit in my backyard for fun

And then pretend I'm in Jamaica mon

Buying tickets for Jamaica mon

I don't really think I con

Because it really costs a ton

To go over to Jamaica mon

Why do Jamaicans say mon

Do they think it's kind of fon

They could say womon

But I think they favor mon

I don't want to travel to Japon

I won't travel to Afghaniston

I don't want to see the Talibon

I want to go to Jamaica mon

I would eat some jerk chicken mon

Then I would go sit in the sond

Donate to my Go Fund Me mon

Then I can go to Jamaica mon

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