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Jeremiah and His Stocks

Updated: Feb 15

Jeremiah 20:2 "Then Pashur struck Jeremiah and put him in the stocks."

Jeremiah was locked into stocks 

I wonder if he had a broker 

Were they high yield stocks 

Or were they just mediocre?

He was seated in his stocks 

By some guy named Pashur 

Even though Pashur was a priest 

To him stocks seemed to matter

Pashur had struck Jeremiah

Then he chose his stocks

You could say he was his invester

Maybe even gave financial talks 

Pashur was a people pleaser

You could say he was progressive

But one thing about that priest

He was a little Pashur aggressive

Jeremiah embraced those stocks 

The priest Pashur made sure

But staying in that bear market

It was sure hard to endure 

In all those stocks chosen

The prophet didn't get to pick

Because he spoke the hard truth

In those stocks there was risk

Jeremiah fearlessly spoke the Word

From adversity he did not run

But he just didn't know much 

About stocks or mutual funds 

Those stocks Jeremiah invested in

They had no investor appeal

But in the end for Jeremiah

They had a high dividend yield 

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