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Jesus the Genie

If you attend church 

The preacher pitches 

Out will pop Jesus 

Granting three wishes 

He requires nothing 

He is not a meanie 

He grants you what you want 

It's Jesus the genie 

Three wishes granted 

You can even have more 

Then after Sunday 

Just store Him in the drawer 

Give tithes to the church 

And then rub the pew

Watch Jesus appear 

And He will work for you 

See you are His boss 

You master the divine 

Then just mail Him 

A 10-99 

When it is convenient 

You can pray and look up 

Then Jesus will emerge

From the communion cup

Modern Jesus is cool 

He wears a hip beanie 

No sacrifice needed 

He's only a genie 

You can sing some songs 

You can still live awful 

The genie does not see 

He stays in His bottle 

It's another Jesus 

A man made creation 

He is made a genie 

By imaginations 

In the gospel today 

The Word we pick and choose 

So we have a Jesus 

That's easy to confuse 

Jesus the genie 

Yeah He doesn't exist 

In the American church 

Truth has been dismissed 

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