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Jimmy "Potatoes" Manocchio

Jimmy "Potatoes" Manocchio

Employed by the mob

Hired by the mafia

It was his full time job

He was officially 

From the town of Sicily

But he hated publicity 

Well wouldn't you know

And Jimmy "Potatoes"

Well that was his name

From looking like a potato

He received his fame

He was in his prime

In organized crime

During that time

Yet he hated potatoes

Jimmy complained

He didn't sound rough

With that nickname

He didn't sound too tough

With every robbery 

He felt their mockery

Of not being named properly 

Of the name he was ashamed 

On one fateful day

Jimmy got stuck in a well

He couldn't see the ground 

Well that's why he fell

Because of his potato shape

He could not escape

It was his mistake

In that well he would stay

And good ole Jimmy

He went down in history

Why he didn't do sit ups

Well that is a mystery

In all his smuggling

His shape was troubling 

A life so puzzling

Well that is a gimme

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