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Jonah's Storm

The prophet Jonah had sailed into a storm

His challenging trial was not the norm

See Jonah chose to board that merchant ship

His own free will took him on that fateful trip

Some frightful storms God will lead us into 

And some storms we enter because of what we do

God's perfect will and way it is the best

But Jonah led himself into his own tempest

Jonah was found sleeping in the stern

Even the mariners there they would discern

As the winds howled and the waves around roared

They saw he fled from the presence of the Lord


Jonah began to speak to them about the sea

He said this tempest came because of me

He persuaded them to throw him overboard 

Then they would have calm from the Lord

The sailors finally granted him his wish

He cried to the Lord and God sent a fish 

We can learn one thing from Jonah at first glance 

In man made storms God gives a second chance

When all around us seems to be going down

Remember God did not let Jonah drown

We must embrace that solid conviction

God still answers though we create affliction

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