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Jump Start

I'm coaching long jump

For middle schoolers

I don't know much about it

It's just "run and jump" to me

I know there is a technique

I need to figure it out qucik

Because I'm coaching it

I think Van Halen sang 

About the Long Jump

But I don't want to jump

To conclusions

Was 21 Jump Street

About the Long Jump?

I never watched it

I think it was about 

An undercover long jumper

Some of these kids are like frogs

It's like teaching 

Frogology 101

Some kids show up in their crocs

And attempt to jump

Those kids had crocodile tears afterwards

I have to remember 

To cover that pit

When finished with practice

If I don't 

At night some stray cat may turn it into a litter box

I saw one kid eat sand yesterday

He jumped and then face planted in the pit

My first coaching advice would be

"Kids don't eat sand"

Especially if that pit 

Was used as a litter box

I take inspiration from Coach Miyagi

Jump on 

Jump off

Don't jump high 

Jump long

Cycle your legs

Swing your arms

Land like a gymnast

If these kids can just pick up their 

Water bottles 

And their trash after practice

Then practice will be a success

Well back to the practice 

And back to the grind

Time to push these kids

I mean push means

"Persevere until success prevails"

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