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Lines From Psalm 69

We all hope for life to go fine

But if it doesn't there is Psalm 69

David prayed "Spare me God! Please protect!

For the deep waters have come up to my neck"

He was in the trial of his life

God did not spare him from all the strife

He voiced he sank down in the deep mire

He walked alone into the fire

David was weary as he would cry

His eyes would fail, his throat was dry

Deep within for God he had hungered

But he became the song of drunkards

He looked for comforters but there was none

In that season he lived on the run

He was a man full of great sorrow

But he lived believing for tomorrow

When it felt like God had withdrawn

David chose to praise Him with a song

As he lifted up the song he was singing

He chose to offer the Lord thanksgiving

He knew his song meant more than sacrifice

So he lifted up his hands in his fight

If you are also in deep waters this year

Remember your song God will also hear

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