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Listen to My Voice

On a small plane in Alaska, a pilot became disoriented and passed out. A passenger had to take the controls who had never flown a plane before. He was able to safely land in Anchorage even though the plane bounced seven times before it came to stability on the runway. 

On a small plane in Alaska 

A disoriented pilot passed out 

Landing in that thick fog

Their pilot they would be without 

A passenger grabbed the controls

But the challenge would remain

Somehow miraculously 

He had to land the plane 

In the dense and thick fog

And the low visibility 

Landing without a pilot 

Seemed like an impossibility

The passenger called for help

Trying to keep his composure

This calm voice responded 

Of an air traffic controller 

The air traffic controller said

"You must listen to my voice 

Don't look at the storm outside

You must make that choice" 

"I will lead you back safely 

I will guide you with my eye

But if you don't listen to my voice 

You won't live but will die"

Step by step he listened 

To what the controller would say

It was a rough landing 

But they landed on the runway

In our life there are storms 

And times we may not rejoice 

But we will always land safely 

If we listen to God's voice 

The fear of the intense storm

Yes we can hear it talk

But by the voice of God 

May we always humbly walk 

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1 Comment

Justin Banks
Justin Banks
Feb 15

I wish there was a way to give this one extra likes, I know you can't tell but I clicked on the heart button 3 times instead of one.

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