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Mad in Madison

(On 2/20/22 Juwan Howard, coach of the Michigan Wolverines, hit one of the Wisconsin coaches after they lost their game)

I saw yesterday in Madison A coach who was mad a ton He should have been mad at none But he hit a coach and that was dumb Now what's his excuse in Madison?

Lost his temper after a game of basketball He shouldn't have blown a gasket at all I'm wondering did the mascot fall? All I know is he has no class at all Time for him to leave coaching basketball

Now with this coach over at Michigan He probably shouldn't see a swish again All because he went and hit a chin I'm thinking they should dismiss within I'm waiting for the response out of Michigan

It's too bad for this year's Wolverines There wasn't a very good role model seen To a lot of us it is getting old I mean Now they'll probably have a losing team What a poor sport from the Wolverines

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