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Magda's Darkest Hour

The story of Magda Hertzberger, a Romanian Jew, who survived the Holocaust. She was sent to three death camps and was left for dead in a pile of corpses. A British soldier found her barely alive. She became a poet and over 300 of her poems were published. She also wrote thirteen books about her experiences.

"God had a purpose to save me to tell my story." Magda Hertzberger

The road to Auschwitz

On the tracks of pain

A pathway to death

In Nazi domain

On board the moving train

There sat a nervous teen

Against her troubled father

Her worried self did lean

On this dark journey

Magda felt her fears

She held her anxious father

She observed his falling tears

Brought to her prison

Forced to dig graves

Collected all the corpses

Hopelessness in waves

Whoever could not march

They grabbed and they shot

Walking skeletons

Abandoned there to rot

At Bergen Belsen

A dreadful death camp

A heavy darkness

With extinguished lamps

Magda was exhausted

She thought she would die

In a pile of corpses

Motionless she did lie

She had no more strength

She lay frail and weak

Her body could not move

Her mouth could not speak

A British soldier came

He found her still alive

And because of this man

Amazingly she survived

Magda made it through

Even in her darkest hour

And out of the darkness

Blossomed forth a flower

Experienced atrocities

Truly like no other

But made it through it all

Reunited with her mother

She became a poet

She wrote many books too

She overcame the evil

She expressed her view

God had a divine purpose

She endured the war

And with her words today

We simply cannot ignore

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