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Magic Bricks

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Hey on the news did you hear? Somehow magic bricks appeared Pallets and pallets of all these bricks A talented magician did some tricks

Really no one ordered these bricks on their phones? Because somehow they just showed up in riot zones Abracadabra wow the bricks appeared! And soon business windows entirely disappeared

This magician waved his wand and yelled hocus pocus And then the pallets of bricks came into focus I don't know who he is but he's a talented magician Next thing you know he will create ammunition

Sure the bussed in protesters who were paid Were dropped off right where the bricks were laid But who am I to judge their mission? This is just the bad timing of a magician

Magic bricks thrown at people's heads Their "peaceful" protest message they spread Who is paying for this planned destruction? Is it bought and paid for by Soros Construction?

Yeah this isn't bricks brought in by hicks This is some liberal magician with his bag of tricks Bricks and stones will break some bones As they are dropped off in riot zones

Riot gear, weapons and cans of gas Bricks and bricks and shards of glass Paid protesters hidden in the mix Coming to your city with magic bricks

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