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Manipulative Giving

Call into our station today 

And pledge forward your best gift 

And you will be blessed even more 

The blessings you have will not lift 

And if you contribute today 

Your donation will be matched 

I guess that means you give double 

Is a double write off attached? 

If you give $15 

Does it mean you give 30? 

That does not make sense to me 

Sorry if I'm being wordy 

Deceiving some naive people 

Reality they are missing 

Like the jelly of the month club 

The gift that keeps on giving 

If you donate the next hour 

And listen to their demand 

You'll be entered in a drawing 

To travel to Disneyland 

A new drawing for an IPad 

This pushes some over the edge 

Others start calling back in 

They are upping their old pledge 

Yet one of these CEO's 

Makes 500k a year 

Are they robbing from the poor 

To only help their career? 

And if you give a monthly gift 

In the mailbox you should look 

Because with every monthly gift 

You will receive a free book 

Have we forgotten that God 

He alone does the providing 

Or have we stooped down so low 

That we now resort to bribing 

Giving by manipulation 

Yes giver you must beware 

More than just televangelists 

Beg from their religious chair 

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