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Maskless in Miami

A priest, a genie and AOC walk into a bar

Not in New York but somewhere kind of far

The priest had 3 wishes from the genie

While AOC sat down and drank her martini

The priest asked loudly for all to hear

He wanted one bourbon, one scotch and one beer

AOC looked at the genie but had nothing to ask

The genie said are you sure you don't need a mask

She said no, tonight I'm feeling kind of pretty

Plus Omicron only stays in New York City

The genie tilted his head and stared at her booze

He said aren't you the one who complained about Ted Cruz?

Yeah yeah remember when he went to Cancun

You were the one growling like a racoon

She said no that was a different kind of vacation

The genie said uh maybe you need some reeducation

I may not be the fairest of them all

But I can spot a hypocrite sitting tall

See you speak one thing and do another

And then the truth you try to smother

I assume you'll have a child like fit

But you are truly the definition of a hypocrite

He said look I have a mirror I can supply

It will help you see the log in your own eye

She said no I'm fine I can see

I will just go and blame the GOP

She was getting mad, she was getting annoyed

She said you can't tell me where to avoid

The genie noticed the bar was a little cramped

He said I'm sorry I have to go find my lamp

He said listen AOC no hard feelings in the least

Enjoy your vacation in the beautiful Southeast

Look as a gift here is a DeSantis mug

And he then disappeared on his magic rug

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