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McDonald's Gives Cash Back

In Elkhart, Indiana a customer was accidentally given a bag with $5000 cash instead of the food he ordered 

McDonald's handed out nuggets

And $5000 cash

And yet one good guy

Did not drive away fast

He could have taken off

Like a thief or a robber

But because he stayed

He received $200

They gave him free food

For a whole month you see

He might even be starring 

In Super Size Me 3

I used to go to McDonald's 

Especially when I was a teen

But I found the one broken

Was always the ice cream machine 

Now in this weird story

I see one big red flag

Why do they put their cash

In a food to go bag?

Next time I go there

And order an egg Mcmuffin 

I am checking my order

To see if cash they are stuffin

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