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Mexico's Vineyard

If I went to Martha's Vineyard what would I say?

I guess I would be saying a lot of no comprende

If I got stuck there it might be my luck

To find a few authentic taco trucks

I would order cilantro in my burritos 

And I would be on the lookout for any banditos 

The Spanish language I just don't know

So before I go I would get duolingo

Dropping off these migrants could be reckless 

But do all the migrants ex's live in Texas

I'd go to the Starbucks there and look at the barista

I would practice my Spanish saying hasta la vista 

Are a third of Martha's Vineyard paying with pecos?

That would be an almost three to Juan ratio 

Some people want all these migrants out in a hurry 

But can they go see Spike Lee and Bill Murray? 

They should drop by and visit Michelle Obama 

But then again that might be too much drama

Then they could take a ferry over to Foxborough 

And maybe meet Bill Belichick and say hello

They could grab a chili dog or some BBQ pork

They could eat with their manos or eat it with fork

Martha's Vineyard might feel like Mexico's land

But at least you might hear a mariachi band 

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