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Michon's Mission

There was a woman named Michon

A line in the sand she had drawn

Some thought she was Spirit-filled

But she was really just unskilled

The Spirit from her had withdrawn

A wolf in sheep's clothing

The righteous were loathing

She knew a Bible verse or two

But twisted them into view

The truth she was opposing

Michon, a complete disgrace

Sitting smug in her "safe" place

She delights to deceive 

Leading forth the naive

Reprobate fallen from grace

Today you can see a Michonite

In offenses they will delight 

With a self righteous word

With vision that is blurred

Cataracts take over their sight 

From a Michon you must run

Because there are more than just one

But if you harden your heart

She will land a poisonous dart 

That's when her work has just begun

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1 Comment

Jan 23

Great word!

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