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On July 2, 1994, US Air Flight 1016 encountered heavy thunderstorms and microburst induced wind shear while attempting to land and crashed into heavy trees. There were 37 fatalities and 20 injured.

The flight crew failed to recognize wind shear quick enough. There was also a failure of the flight crew to establish proper pitch and engine power that would have brought them out of the wind shear.

With US Air Flight 1016

We can learn a lot from the scene

Landing approach that was not the norm

Struggling through a grave thunderstorm

Outside the windows came pelting rain

Altitude was hard to maintain

Intense thunderstorm was so severe

With microburst induced wind shear

Trapped in the storm, feeling the squeeze

Sudden downdraft pushed into trees

Flight 1016 fell out of the sky

Some would survive but more would die

But there's some lessons we can learn

Serious warnings we should discern

When your life is in a storm immersed

Hidden can be these microbursts

And in our lives we must be aware

Microbursts appear out of nowhere

Disrupting us before we land

Microbursts do not go as planned

Downdraft drafts try to push us down

Striving to crush us into the ground

There's something we can do in this hour

When these occur we must add power

We must pray fervently to gain lift

We cannot allow ourselves to drift

Throughout these downward drafts of life

In these blustering winds of strife

We must keep ourselves up in the air

Adding intensity to our prayers

The enemy seeks to take us out

He targets us with arrows of doubt

But when you observe the lightning flash

Trust in Him who will not let you crash

One day the intense storm will be done

And you will emerge back into the sun

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