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Miracle in the Deep

(The Story of Robert Gause) Dedicated to all the brave men on the USS Indianapolis

On July 30th, 1945 The USS Indianapolis did not arrive But there's something we can glean From one of the 317 Shows us that God is still alive

The story is about Robert Gause On the ship that suffered loss In water for 5 days But he still gave God praise In his test he clung to the cross

All prayed and raised a sound But Gause thanked God they would be found His was faith was great Though God seemed late He believed and did not drown

Sun scorched by day, freezing at dark Others didn't make it, eaten by sharks Spotting planes was key But never seen in the sea Hopelessness leaving its mark

Now before this struggle in the Pacific Gause learned to make his prayers specific He saw God in the past Respond to what he asked God showed up in the horrific

In breaking up a fight he did his best But salt water he did ingest From the group he did drift Looked like death would be swift But God appeared in his test

Beginning to lose his mind He sought God and did find Before life was blackened A miracle happened His death sentence was declined

God saw Robert's prayer and devotion His feet somehow rested on the floor of the ocean He rested for hours God showed His power Set a miracle for Gause in motion

He had no more strength to swim But the ocean floor came up to meet him God heard Robert's heart In the ocean's deepest part In despair when all looked grim

From this story what can we glean? From Gause and the 317 In our darkest hour Trust in God's power And God will show up on the scene

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Jan 14, 2022

This is beautifu! Amen🙏🏻

Edward Riederich
Edward Riederich
Jan 14, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!

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