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Mother of the Year?

Mother of the Year?

On 4/9/22 a woman wearing a "mother of the year" shirt punched an umpire at a softball game for twelve year old children.

There was a "mother of the year"

But she did not come to spread some cheer

At a softball game, a she caused some hurt

Wearing her "mother of the year" shirt

I'm not sure what caused this lady to snap

She did a lot more than a Will Smith slap

She punched an umpire who hardly gets paid

During a game where twelve year olds played

She cursed and cursed during this softball game

With little kids around and feeling no shame

Now the umpire has to wear an eye patch

You could say that mother is a bad catch

What was her reason to almost start a brawl?

A called strike that should have been a ball?

We used to just yell "Hey Ump get some glasses"

But now crazy people flip out among the masses

Next time she should turn her shirt inside out

Because with "mother of the year" we have some doubt

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